Ведьмы. Графика и живопись.



Ведьма с монстром 1515

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Theatre scene: two women making a call on a witch (the three of them wear theatre masks). Roman mosaic from the Villa del Cicerone in Pompeii, now in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Naples). Work of Dioscorides of Samos

Hexen/Waldenser verehren einen Zigenbock (Hexensabbat), Miniatur aus: Du Crisme de Vauderye, 1460

New Year’s Wish with Three Witches
Hans Baldung 1514

Ведьмы погоды.
Hans Baldung Grien, The Weather Witches (1523), oil on panel, Städel Museum, Frankfurt.
Français : Deux sorcières
Date 1523

Hans Franck/Meister HF (um 1485 Bubendorf bei Basel - 1522 Basel): Witches -

Niklaus Manuel genannt Deutsch (um 1484-1530)
Title Hexe, den Schädel des Malers durch die Lüfte tragend

Dosso Dossi (1490–1542) Witchcraft (Allegory of Hercules)
Date c. 1535

Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen (circa 1472/1477-1533) Saul and the witch of Endor.
Date 1526
Сол, оставленный Богом, отчаявшийся получить от него ответ - ищет знание будущего у ведьм. Свитки в воздухе цитируют места из Библии. В центре - ведьма, в очерченном вокруг неё магическом круге совершает ритуал. 
Шабаш ведьм: полёты на мётлах и черепе, который буксируют чёрные петухи, фавн и демоны. 

Памятник ведьме, Гарц, Германия


Print made by Albrecht Dürer 1500

Agostino Veneziano After Raphael 1510-1536

A witch riding backwards on a goat, with four putti, two carrying an alchemist's pot, a thorn apple plant. c.1500
Print made by Albrecht Dürer 

The Four Witches; a group of four nude women standing underneath a sphere inscribed with the letters "O.G.H". 1497
Print made by Albrecht Dürer

Print made by Agostino Veneziano 
Two naked men drag the carcass of a monstrous creature, a witch rides above and two other naked men bring up the rear

Print made by Hans Baldung 

Sorcery and witchcraft; witches and warlocks engaging in various rituals, including flying on rams, preparing potions; at lower centre witches being burnt. Illustration to Tengler, 'Der neü Layenspiegel...', Augsburg: Johann Otmar (for Johann Rynmann), 1511.

The witch attacking the devil; the devil horned and with leaves and twigs on his heads and knees; chased to left by the female figure holding a spindle (?); top right corner made up.
Engraving Print made by Jacob Binck 

Print made by Daniel Hopfer 
Three haggard-looking old women, possibly witches, beating the devil to the ground, devilish creatures in the sky, landscape background; another impression; large section at lower right made up

Witches' Sabbath, after Baldung Grien; three naked women in the foreground before an inscribed urn; several staffs, bones and other objects on the ground, a cat on the left above a witch riding backwards on a goat and holding a fork; signed: 'LA' on a tablet hanging from the block at the far left and dated on the trunk of the tree. 1516

After Pieter Bruegel the Elder
The Witch of Malleghem. The witch and her assistants prepare to cut stones of foolishness out of the heads of three victims in the foreground; around them gathers a crowd to witness the surgery. 1559

Print made by Hans Baldung 

Drawn by Frans Francken II 
A Witches Sabbath; a fireplace and chimney at right with a witch on a broomstick emerging from it, a woman climbing onto a table in front with cats around her, a group of men and women seated on the ground, with devilish figures and a man dancing in a magic circle behind

Drawn by Master of the V+A Diableries 

A broadside on witchcraft in the Bishopric of Trier and elsewhere; with an etching depicting various scenes of witchcraft; and with engraved text in six columns. (n.p.: ca.1600)

A broadside on witchcraft; with an etching showing a nocturnal scene of a Witches' Sabbath, with a cave and witches sitting and dancing in circles, in the circles' centres a skull on which a candle is burning, with devils guiding the newcomers, and in the sky witches riding on sticks or demons; with engraved text in four columns. (n.p.: ca.1630)

Attributed to Andries Jacobsz. 
1610 (circa)
Preparations for a witches sabbath; Cupid seated on a winged lizard, at left, approaching a gathering of witches, either haggard or very fat, in the act of practicing their magic art; in the sky a devilish creature pulls the hair of a witch riding on a broomstick; a witch lifts the lid of a cauldron and smoke billows from it (two plates)

Drawn by Jan de Bisschop 
Formerly attributed to Lucas van Leyden

Pompey consulting the witch Erictho, he watching from a clearing between trees, a pair of soldiers with him, as the witch kneels on the ground in a clearing holding her staff over the body of a dead soldier which she conjures on the ground before her; illustration to Lucan's 'Pharsalia'; after Chéron. 1718

Macbeth, after H Fuseli; standing at r, the three witches at left
Graphite, squared for transfer (the margins numbered)

Drawn by William Sharp 

Ritual in an interior during the night; in the foreground on the left, a witch sitting at a table with demons and preparing a potion; in the background, a witch kneeling in front of a fireplace and pushing a naked woman towards the fire; after David Teniers the Younger. 1755

Nocturnal scene with witch standing among demons with firebrand in hand; proof before letters; after David Teniers the Younger. 1755

Theatrum Artis Pictoriae
Witches preparing a potion on top of stairs at left, one seated on an animal skeleton in lower left, others flying on brooms at top; within separately printed decorative frame; after Pieter Bruegel the Elder; from a series of reproductions of the Electoral Gallery of Paintings in Vienna. 1728

Nocturnal scene with witch standing among demons with firebrand in hand; Comte de Vence's coat of arms in bottom margin; after David Teniers the Younger. 1755

witch seated beside her cauldron evokes the ghost of Cromwell, who rises from clouds (left) wearing armour to look fiercely at Fox (left) who stands horror-struck, hands held out, the hair rising on his head. The witch, a thin hag naked to the waist, in profile to the left, points towards Cromwell, who has a fixed and angry scowl. Her cauldron is ornamented with a skull and grotesque masks. The background is shaded to indicate a dark cavern, a ghostly wind being suggested by the swirling draperies and hair of the witch. The light radiates from Cromwell and his armour, falling on the witch and Fox. 14 February 1784

A female alchemist or witch seated at a table, mixing powders; ghost-like creatures hovering above; vase and hourglass to left. c.1770s
Print made by Johann Jakob Haid 

---------------------------Francisco de Goya ---------------------------

Francisco de Goya (1746-1828)
Witches in the Air
Oil on canvas, 1797-1798
17 1/8 x 12 3/8 inches (43.5 x 31.5 cm)
Museo del Prado, Madrid

Francisco de Goya (1746-1828)
Witches Sabbath
Oil on canvas, 1798
Museo Lazaro, Madrid

Los Caprichos; Linda maestra!print; Francisco Goya (Print made by); Plate 68: two witches riding on broomstick over landscape, owl in air; working proof. 1799 Etching

Los Caprichos; Soplaprint; Francisco Goya (Print made by); Plate 69: group of witches, some eating children, one standing holding a small figure who is breaking wind

Print made by Francisco Goya 

Los Caprichos / Allá vá eso (There it goes)

Los Caprichos / Volaverunt (They have flown)

Attributed to Luis Paret y Alcázar 

Print made by Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg 

Macbeth in the foreground to left, seen from the back, faces the witches and the apparitions; by his feet, inside a coiled snake, stand a small bloody child and a child wearing a crown and holding a tree, behind them are the kings, one holding a mirror, and a large figure of a soldier, pointing; the witches sit on the far r, Hecate in the middle, with her forefinger pointing upwards; after Reynolds (Mannings 2103). 1802

Print made by James Fittler 
After Henry Howard 

Drawn by Théodule Ribot 
Three witches; seated around a cauldron, one on right with cat on shoulder
Black chalk with stump on cream paper, drawn on back of etching of head of a young girl, cut in half

Print made by Ludwig Emil Grimm 

Published by Carlo Lovera 
Print made by Eduardo Raimondi 

Print made by Eugène Delacroix 
Macbeth consultant les sorcières

Print made by Eugène Delacroix
Walpurgis Night: standing behind a rock, Faust beholds an apparition of Marguerite (Gretchen) held by winged demons, her neck marked by a ring of blood; Mephistopheles is next to him and advises him to look away; around them snakes, witches, and other figures. 1827

Published by Fratelli Doyen 
Print made by Raffaele Pontremoli 

The witches' sabbath; a hooded witch rides a monster which is held by a winged demon, figures to the right, an owl in the upper left corner, after a print by Picart after a composition by Parmigianino (?). c. 1732

The witches' sabbath; a hooded witch rides a collosal phallus which is held by a winged demon, figures to the left, an owl in the upper right corner, a caricature of man's face in profile on the bottom margin of the print, after Parmigianino (?). c.1732

John Faed (1820-1902)
Tam O'Shanter and the Witches
Public collection


A True Draught of Eliz Canning, with the House she was confined in, also the Gypsies Flight, and Conversing with the INspector General of Great Britain

The Flying Machine from Edinburgh in one day, perform'd by Moggy Mackensie at the Thistle and Crown
Satire of a witch carrying two Scotsmen on a broomstick from Edinburgh to London: see BMSat for full description. 1762
Print made by Paul Sandby

A tailor bewitched; tailor to right carrying roll of cloth under arms, is prodded by demon behind him holding pitchfork, two snakes at his feet, cauldron in centre with winged magician to left surrounded by three witches. 1790
Drawn by George Moutard Woodward 

Print made by Richard Newton 

Print made by Thomas Rowlandson
Endor, with other witches and other supporters of Fox, who have met in Westminster Hall on 14 Feb. to prepare for the meeting on that day, see BMSat 6421, &c. North addresses the Witch of Endor, saying, "Call Fiends and Spectres from the Yawning Deep". The Witch, in profile to the left, addresses her companions to whom she holds out a bag

Ведьмы. Графика.15-19 век-ТУТ


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